2D Smile Reflective Toy

It is a nice safety item in 2D smile reflective toy design.

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  1. General Details

    This reflective toy 2D smile reflective key ring is designed according to CE EN13356 & EN71.  It is nice design in 2D smile reflective shape, your kids will love it.

    A reflective safety toy can help you to be seen at night time when you are walking, jogging on the roadway. it has been widely used in North Europe.  the quality of the reflective 2D smile reflective toy is based on:

    • BS EN 71-3: 2013 + A1: 2014 for toys for children.
    • EN13356:2001 for retro-reflective accessories of reflective hanger
  2. Techical Info

    The reflective 2D smile reflective key ring in stuffed & plush animal  can be customized for any size and shapes.

    The ready made design is based on below specification:

    Surface Material reflective fabric 100% polyester
    Filling polypropylene cotton
    Size 6cm length
    Weight 30grm
    Logo silk printing or jean lable

    The 2D smile reflective stuff toy in reflective material is nice gift for your kids safety!


    USER INFORMATION- EN13356:2001

    Affix to clothing or bag with the clip at the end of the 30cm long cord to allow free hanging.
    Clip springs open when squeezed and closes upon release.

    Limitations of use:
    This accessory will not provide full protection; it has been developed to aid conspicuity in circumstances of very low ambient lighting. Not suitable for children under 36 months of age
    Full conspicuity can only be gained by wearing High Visibility garments complying with EN ISO 20471:2013 or EN1150:1999
    Free hanging retro reflective accessory. Attach using plastic clip
    Do not store in direct sunlight, store rolled up and not compressed beneath a heavy item.
    This accessory is not a toy- only use this for the intended purpose and in accordance with these instructions
    Keep clean to maintain effectiveness; replace immediately if permanently stained, faded or otherwise damaged.
    DO NOT WASH,SOAK, BLEACH, IRON, DRY CLEAN OR TUMBLE DRY Damp wipe only with a cloth or sponge

    Dowload  User Information For Reflective Toys (by Satra UK)

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